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Why Work With Me?

Financial Adviser in Poland

Specialist in expat pension planning

A lot of financial advisers try to be all things to all people – I don’t. I specialise in working with UK expats who have complex financial situations, e.g. non-domiciled spouse, legacy pensions, leaving or returning to the UK.


I am qualified in the UK as both a Chartered Financial Planner® and Pension Transfer Specialist®.


I have been advising UK expats for 22 years. I understand the pitfalls and the opportunities that you face.

Warsaw Financial Adviser

Clear and fair fees

I work on a “fee-only” basis. This means that I don’t sell products for a commission and don’t receive any form of compensation from anyone other than you.

expat retirement planning

I work virtually

Thanks to my use of best-in-class systems and software I am able to provide a full suite of services to you irrespective of where in the world you are located.

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