Do you remember the first iPhone?

The first iPhone was released over a decade ago (June 2007). Do you remember it? Painfully slow web browsing, no video camera, no selfies. No selfies! How on earth did we live?

Now compare it to the current iPhone 13. Quite a difference, right?

There is a neat comparison to be made between the evolution of the iPhone and that of investment products for expats.

10 years ago, expat investment options generally revolved around products such as Zurich Vistas, Royal Skandia/Old Mutual investment bonds and Generali Visions.

However, these have all now largely been superseded by cheaper, more flexible investment structures.

Certainly if you are considering opening one of these old style accounts today, you should look for a more suitable alternative.

In addition, if you already have such a plan in place, it would be worth reviewing it to see if there is now a better option available to you.

Watch this – Living with the original iPhone…in 2017

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