What is investing? Making great businesses around the world work for you

When you invest in a globally diversified portfolio, you are harnessing the profits from thousands of companies around the world. 

You are investing in the company that makes the toothpaste that you use to clean your teeth in the morning, the company that makes your breakfast cereal, the company that makes the satellites that allow the Uber driver to find you via your cutting edge smartphone, the company that makes your office chair and the company that makes the pillow that you rest your weary head on at the end of a hard day

From the cleaner to the CEO, every working person in these companies is working to make you better off.

All of the growth, innovation, revenues and profits from these myriad businesses flow into the price of their stock.

Over time, this increases the value of the portfolio or fund they are part of, which, in turn, increases your chances of achieving your financial goals and objectives.

This is investing. It is that simple. The more you mess around with it, the less successful you are likely to be.

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